The phenomenology of videogames - publish.UP

The phenomenology of videogames - publish.UP

Ian Bogost The Phenomenology of Videogames Jesper Juul has convincingly argued that the conflict over the proper object of study has shifted from “ru...

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This collection of ground-breaking essays considers the many dimensions of prayer: how prayer relates us to the divine; prayer's ability to reveal what is e... ... Export Selected Citations ... In both theistic and nontheistic traditions, religious f

Jul 17, 2015 - sports participants across three continents to explicate three unique themes: extreme sports as invigorating ... what we term the ineffable, or transcendental nature of the experience. Theoretical models ..... participants to elaborate

Verena Mayer (Philosophie, Ludwig Maximilian Universität München) .... We cannot but start from the phenomenal world, or the life-world, in the strict sense of the world ..... 1 Conni, De Monticelli (2008). The principle of epistemic trust. PHENOME

Three staff members who had worked most closely with each resident for at least 3 months completed three questionnaires, including Quantitative and Qualitative compulsive behavior scales, and the Childhood Autism Rating Scale (CARS). The questionnair

The study was objective to assess management and purposes aspiration budget of Regional. House Representative Bodies (DPRD) from perspectives of legislatives, executives and societies as part of regional budgeting. The study was conducted at Bima Dis

ABSTRACT : This study uses interpretive qualitative paradigm to describe relationship between action and meaning. Act refers to some things and does not only find a meaning, but also active and disciplined interpretation. Creative interpretation ensu

Bushnell's industrial design project, Computer. Space. Tracking how that inspiration led to. Pong corrects other accounts of the relation- ship between the TV game console and com- puter technology. Claims put forward in the courtroom, for example, a

Sloterdijk, the paper explores maritime zonation as a paradigmatic global security mechanism. .... closely to the topology of spheres critiqued by Sloterdijk, who describes globalization shaping space ..... 6

popular para pensar como as tecnologias de informação e comunicação (TICs) eram responsáveis pela .... Bigum e Green argumentam que o ser humano sempre teve contato direto com ambientes tecnoculturais de ... and world together again. (1997) ressaltar

Barlow's definition of anxiety, which incorporates a 'sense of uncontrollability … a state of helplessness … because one is unable to obtain desired results or outcomes,'15 has much in common with the definition of perfectionism given by Frost, M

theoretischen Philosophie, bemerkte Husserl sofort, dap auch er in seinem neuen, demn&chst ..... It was Scheler who pointed out the way, above all with his Der Formalismus in der Ethik und die materiale Wertethik .... Ethik, pp.335, includes Scheler'

O realismo proporcionado pelos gráficos dos jogos digitais é amplificado pelo .... aprender. Um psicólogo estaria interessado no impacto de se jogar videogames. Um cientista da computação estaria interessado na interação humana e na jogabilidade. ...

The simulation used in this research was 'Working Capital Simulation: Managing growth V.2', developed by Harvard Business School. In this single-player simulation, students act as the CEO of a small company, and decide whether to invest in growth and

The activity of the Ombudsperson. A European Ombudsman, elected by the Euro- pean Parliament, shall be empowered to receive com- plaints from any citizen of the Union or any natural or legal person residing or having its registered office in a Member

a. to register with nearby LPSE Admin Agency of Ministry of. Finance nearby, to get a User ID and Password; b. to prepare a schedule of the selection of the provider of goods/ services using calendar days, and the deadline for each selection stage is

known as the Plumbing Law, which regulates the trade of master plumbers. High School graduates with five years ... times and bonded themselves together under one roof, the Philippine. Institute of Plumbing Engineers .... this Act, its implementing ru

complete book in itself; for John was told "What thou seest, write in a book." He then said that he bear record of the Word of God, and "of all things that he saw." ...... in the schools, where the Gospel of Jesus Christ was offered in place of the p

The Hebrew prophet Daniel, was in the schools of Chaldea three years, during which time God revealed to the wise men of. Babylon the superiority of the wisdom of God over all the learning of the world. While in that school, Daniel received the inspir

2 At that time, he said, when my one hundred and sixty-fifth year was completed, I begat my son Mathusal (Methuselah). 3 After this too I lived two hundred years and completed of all the years of my life three hundred and sixty-five years. 4 On the f

Author: Pellow, Belinda J. (Belinda Jane). Title: Flora of the Sydney region : a complete revision / Belinda. J. Pellow, Murray J. Henwood, Roger C. Carolin. Edition: 5th ed. ISBN: 9781920899301 (pbk.) Notes: Includes index. Bibliography. Subjects: B