Office jaarverslag 2016 - Bouwinvest

Office jaarverslag 2016 - Bouwinvest

Bouwinvest Dutch Institutional Office Fund N.V.  |  Annual Report 2016 2 Table of contents Management company profile 4 Bouwinvest Real Estate In...

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Apr 25, 2017 - owner-occupier market, either because they cannot afford to buy in the current market or the need for flexibility. ... above pre-crisis levels, sparking fears of overheating on the owner-occupier market and more or less preventing firs

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Apr 1, 2017 - No part of this annual report may be reproduced and/or published by means of print, photocopy or by whatever ..... the areas of electoral law and elections and policy areas related or relevant to it. ..... If 32 parties take part in the

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and/or 'the cooperative'. The management of the cooperative prepared the. Royal FloraHolland ..... platform in its current format can continue to be used in the immediate and more distant future. This is ... The benefits and conditions of the options

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of financial instruments traded on a regulated market where that Order cannot imme- diately be executed, unless the Client gives Kempen an express instruction (orally, in writing or by agreed electronic format) not to do so when placing the Order. Ke

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May 11, 2007 - stores that have no potential or do not fit within the format. This will position an effective Super de Boer chain in the market, consisting of more than 300 stores. The concentration of the distribution activities in Beilen, 's-Hertog

the pension fund or can be downloaded from The questions covered by this .... existing recommended mix from Robeco or compose your own mix from the investment funds offered. The brochure you will receive from ..... insurers i

TCD, Garhi Harsaru,ICD: Patli,. ICD: Rewari,ICD: Sonepat,. lCD: Panipat,ICD: Pali. 11. Mis India Infrastructure Logistics Pvt. Lt .,ICD-Bawal. 12. Mis Container ...

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Apr 7, 2009 - Netherlands Civil Code has been applied, allowing a simplified format. The consolidated financial statements of Aegon Bank N.V. will be submitted for approval by the. Annual General Meeting of Shareholders The shareholders' meeting can

3.1 BESTUURLIJKE VERANTWOORDING . ..... De bestuurlijke structuur en het gezondheidsstelsel zijn vergelijkbaar, evenals de cultuur van de etnische minderheden in Savannakhet. Hierdoor is de ervaring en ...... De RvT is in het algemeen tevreden over d