Cross-frequency synchronization connects networks of fast ... - Helda

Cross-frequency synchronization connects networks of fast ... - Helda

RESEARCH ARTICLE Cross-frequency synchronization connects networks of fast and slow oscillations during visual working memory maintenance Felix Siebe...

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Sep 26, 2016 - Goldman-Rakic, 1995; Siegel et al., 2009) and functional MRI (fMRI) of humans (Munk et al., 2002;. Pessoa et al., 2002; Todd and .... 2005; Palva and Palva, 2007) is a form of CFC that indicates direct phase coupling of the slow and fa

STANAG 4246 for Have Quick UHF radio (secon. ▫ STANAG 4372 for SATURN UHF radio,. ▫ ICD-GPS-060 timing interface for GPS User Equ. ▫ STANAG 4430 interface for precise time and fr. The principles of synchronizing signals, for the various STANA.

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Kearifan Lokal. Universitas. Suryakancana. 3. Mursyid. Integrated Learning Local Wisdom. Awareness inside Descriptive Text in. The Process of Learning with Digital. State University of .... perubahan-perubahan yang terarah sehingga pembangunan berkel

Jan 10, 2007 - hybridisation on SNP chip depends on the platform in use but the general concept is to pour a sample of .... are currently available at resolutions of about 10000 SNPs, 2×50000 SNPs, and 2×250000 SNPs. The combi- nations of 2 chips w

They also describe gesture as hand to face, mouth to foot (kissing somebody's foot). In the context of this thesis, I understand gesture as movement of hands and arms ..... Already during my previous studies of kathakaḷi, mohiniyāṭṭaṃ and bh

Jul 8, 2008 - Critical phenomenon: fast magnetic reconnection. Fast reconnection provides the mechanism that allows solar storms to trigger violent geomagnetic storms. en.html. Our project is to

In connection with the causes of the differences existing data, the government is expected to: Develop SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) population census that will be implemented, and compiled by the team in which there are representatives of each

RESoURCE MaStERS. Chapter Resources. Language Arts Resources. Practice & Reinforcement. Leveled Lesson Resources. Assessment. Answers. C. H a. P .... Are You Ready? Practice. Get ConnectED Self-Check Quiz. RtI (Response to Intervention). Based on the

Sep 14, 2016 - (KKNI). Qualitative methods using theoretical and document. studies are conducted to formulate the expected results. Results. show that the KKNI has provide a framework concept to develop. and synchronize vocational education at all le

Jun 6, 2015 - therefore in Lutheranism as a whole: in a sense, it represents the “voice of ..... 35 According to Gassmann (2001 b, 32), Claus Harms posted the Ninety-five Theses at the time of the 300th anniversary of the ..... printed in 1978 as t

Sep 17, 2010 - this book to my wife Meeri, the sun of my life, whose positive influence on my life has been and ...... meanwhile gradually collapsed.31 The Enlightenment faith in progress and trust in moral ca- ... 37 PW, 35: “Bisher kam auch die E

especially a Messianic Jew. According to his definition, a Messianic Jew is a person who is born Jewish, is a ”genuine believer” in Jesus, and who at the same time identifies as presently and not formerly Jewish. So he requires both Jewish ancest

of Thailand. Maejo University. University of Interdisciplinary Studies. On behalf of Editor Boards of The Journal of Interdisciplinary Networks, we convey our grateful ..... chooses growers whose farms are isolated from areas that may be possible sou

Apr 12, 2014 - fedezhetnek fel, ha összevetik a regény részeit azokkal a könyvekkel, amelyeket Szentkuthy ...... accessed 25 October 2013, ...... építészet, a történelmi mú

Feb 6, 2011 - Template:Redirect A fast Fourier transform (FFT) is an efficient algorithm to compute the discrete Fourier transform (DFT) and its inverse. There are many distinct FFT algorithms involving a wide range of mathematics, from simple comple

A fast Fourier transform (FFT) is an algorithm that samples a signal over a period of time (or space) and divides it into its frequency components. These components are single sinusoidal oscillations at distinct frequencies each with their own amplit

Jan 23, 2009 - What follows is a series of flashbacks to his youth, and the movie unfolds as he is asked each successive question and recounts the life experience that yielded the particular .... Having said that, I.O.U.S.A. was an informative, very

cine, compuso en su memoria Lamento a la muerte de Raúl Lavista ...... Sus memorias, publicadas como Mis recuerdos de otros tiempos (cd. de México,. 1949), forman una valiosa crónica sobre las circunstancias en que se formó el hoy CNM. ...... Vic

I. Tradicionalmente, un diccionario de música no trata de música, sino de conceptos e ideas que se suponen relacionados con ella. Anotar palabras acerca de músicos, sus vidas y experiencias, su interpretación y creación musical y darles un acomo