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Deakin Research Online - DRO

Deakin Research Online This is the published version: Ottmann, Goetz 2006, Cidadania mediada : processos de democratização da política municipal no Br...

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Thank you for depositing your work(s) in Deakin University's Institutional Repository, Deakin. Research Online (DRO). This Deposit Agreement allows DRO to check publisher's permissions on your behalf to enable your work to be openly accessible. Terms

Jan 14, 1981 - Pretreatment with teprotide reduced the rise in mean arterial pressure and ... of the dogs with teprotide, indomethacin or DL-propranolol.

Deakin Research Online This is the published version: Hudek, Lee, Rai, L.C., Freestone, David, Michalczyk, Agnes, Gibson, Maria, Song, Y.F. and Ackland, M. Leigh 2009, Bioinformatic and expression.

DRO is Deakin University's research repository, providing digital curation by describing and preserving the University's research output and enabling worldwide discovery. About DRO. Digital curation and making Deakin research discoverable · Depositin

Oct 6, 2008 - Deakin Research Online (DRO) was launched at Deakin University's Research Conference held Tuesday 30th September 2008. Deakin Research Online ( is a digital institutional repository. It provides a platform for shar

Feb 26, 2016 - DRO is Deakin University's research repository, providing digital curation by describing and preserving the University's research output and enabling worldwide discovery. Contact. [email protected] Content type(s). Images · Sci

Describing research data. Why describe it in DRO? Describing your data in Deakin Research Online enables it to be more easily found. This provides the opportunity for transparency and supports research integrity. It also supports better management of

This policy gave instructions to all levels of government, including the Department of. National Education and the Department of Religion, to implement gender-mainstreaming-based policy in each aspect of national development. As a consequence, Indone

Zealand' in Katharine Gelber & Adrienne Stonc (eds), Hate Speech and Freedom of Speech in Australia (2007) at. 197. 3 Katharine Gelber, 'Hate Speech and the .... 27 Lawrence McNamara, "Salvation and the State: Religious Vilification Laws and Religiou

Rashid, & Parks, 2006; Seligman, Steen, Park, & Peterson, 2005) and reviewed and .... while gratitude adds to wellbeing or happiness, happiness might also .... Both studies used the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (Buysse, Reynolds Iii,. Monk ...

Deakin Research Online. This is the published version: Goldingay, Sophie, Macfarlane, Susie, Hitch, Danielle, Hosken, Norah, Lamaro, Greer,. Farrugia, Dennis, Nihill, Claire and Ryan, Juliana 2012, A multidimensional framework for embedded academic s

Text; Whisky, · Accounting, · Temperance, · Discourse, · Pattisons, · Scotsman, · Nineteenth, · Consumption, · Scottish, · Edinburgh, · Deakin, · Deakin Research Online - Deakin University ...

Deakin Research Online. Deakin University's institutional research repository. DDeakin Research Online · Research Online. This is the authors final peer reviewed version of the item published as: Palmer, Stuart and Tulloch, William 2001-09, Evolution

In this exhibition Melinda Capp and Daniel Armstrong's images harvest and scope the organic and cosmic forms available at the boundaries of our visible world. Their images communicate concepts more than phenomena, qualifying their art as examples of

Oct 31, 2016 - 1.2.2 Regulatory Environment of Indonesia: Timeliness of Financial Reporting .............6. 1.3 Problem ...... PSAK. Pernyataan Standar Akuntansi Keuangan (Indonesian Statement of. Financial Accounting Standards (ISFAS)). PPSAK. Penca

Qur'an ... at the whens and wheres of how divine love has historically been interpreted as only present along straight lines, families, bodies and love(r)s'. (Shannahan, 2010:680). Multiple marginalities and intersectionalities need to be negotiated

May 16, 2015 - [6]) is more specific by comparison, with the list of candidates being predominantly Cellulomonas, whereby.

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Article title - DRO - Deakin Read more about diversity, gender, boards, quota, directors and governance.

the modified composite tubes at 2% weight concentration improved by 100% over the CFRP tubes due to higher mode II fracture toughness of the epoxy matrix. Beyond ...... electrospinning and analyse the energy absorbed during compression ...... glass f