By Joseph Pine II & James Gilmore - Journal of Shopper Research

By Joseph Pine II & James Gilmore - Journal of Shopper Research

JOURNAL OF SHOPPER RESEARCH DISTINCTIVE EXPERIENCES By Joseph Pine II & James Gilmore Today we are in an Experience Economy where goods and services ...

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[xxvi] T.O Ihromi, 1980, pokok-pokok antropologi budaya,. Jakarta: PT Gramedia. [xxvii] Manzhur, Ibn. 1994. Lisan al-'Arab. Vol. I. Beirut: Dar al-. Fikr. [xxviii] Mashhur, Idrus, Alwi, 2007, Keutamaan Ahlu Bait. Rasulullah SAW Dalam Al-Quran & Sunna

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Advantages Of Hiring A Personal Shopper

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