6. References - IARC Monographs

6. References - IARC Monographs

pp341-374 ok.qxd 07/12/02 09:34 Page 341 6. References ACGIH (American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists) (2001) 2001 TLVs and B...

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within a cohort of workers who at some time of their career had had a biomonitoring measurement for occupational solvent exposure performed, data on medically diagnosed pregnancies were extracted from the hospital discharge registry, and data on abor

Household use of solid fuels and high-temperature frying / IARC Working Group ...... evaluations represent only one part of the body of information on which ...

Enclosure 6. References. IEEE Std. 603-1991, “Criteria for Safety Systems for Nuclear Power Generating Stations," ... February 2009 . Committee on the ... K. J. Lippert, D. M. Colaberardino, C. W. Kimblin, "Understanding IEEE 1584 Arc Flash. Calcul

endometrial carcinoma (50%), as well as certain other cancers (below 15%) {5,. 2071, 2005}. Colorectal lesions are often diagnosed at an early age (mean, 45 years), and are located in the proximal part of the colon in about two-thirds of the patients

Ingrid Friesen. 18-O R.H. Coats Building, Tunney's Pasture. Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0T6. Canada. Tel: (1) 613-951-1775 / 1641. Fax: (1) 613-951-0792. E-mail: ..... Konstantin Moschik. 7a P. Brovki Street. 220600 Minsk. Belarus. Tel: (375) 17-232-3080. Fa

Travel Cost Model”, Review of Economics and. Statistics, No. 66, pp. 427-33. Carson, R. (1991), “Constructed Markets”, in J. B.. Braden and C. D. Kolstad (Eds.), Measuring the. Demand for Environmental Quality”, North-Holland,. Demand for Env

1999 Estimating land values. http://www.wealthandwant.com/pdf/Gwartney Estimating LV.pdf (accessed ... 1954 [(umpulan karangan Ill. Jakarta: Penerbit dan Balai Buku Indonesia. Hermayulis. 2000 'Status tanah ... tanah: Pola penguasaan tanah pertanian

Statistical Methods in Cancer Research. Volume IV. Descriptive Epidemiology. Jacques Esteve, Ellen Benhamou, Luc Raymond. Translated from French by Mary ..... detail the development of the methods described and better comprehend the range of their ap

peak or plateau in risk is unique for an epithelial cancer, and reflects the nat- ury of infections with human papillomaus (HPV) and the related carcinogenic mechanisms. The age profile is readily distorted b screening and also, when cross-sectional

Arikunto, Suharsimi.2001.Dasar-dasar Evaluasi Pendidikan. Edisi Revisi. Jakarta: Penerbit. Bumi Aksara. Askew, S. and Lodge, C. 2005. Feedback for Learning. London: Routledge/Falmer. Basrowi dan Suwandi. 2008. Memahami Penelitian Kualitatif. Jakarta:

Gabriella Tikellis, Victoria, Australia; Christoph Bock, Vienna, Austria; François Fuks, André Nogueira da Costa, Brussels, Belgium; Silvia. Rogatto, São .... Almeida, Sandra. Crispim, Curitiba, Cristiane Cominetti, Maria do Rosario Gondim Peixoto

Abbasi S., Soni R. (1983). Stress-induced enhancement of reproduction in earthworm Octochaetus pattoni exposed to chromium (VI) and mercury(ll): implications in environmental management. International Journal of. Environmental Studies. 2:43-49. 2. An

May 23, 2017 - Badan Pusat Statistik Kota Sungai Penuh. (2013). Sungai Penuh dalam angka 2013 (Sungai Penuh in figures 2013). Kota Sungai Penuh: Author. .... (2016, May). Secondary predication in Pondok Tinggi. Paper presented at the 8th Austronesian

Jennedy, S., Polletto, R. & Weldon, T.L. (eds) 1994. Language Files: Materials for an Introduction to Language and Linguistics. Columbus: Ohio State. University Press. Oliver, P. 2004. Writing Your Thesis. London: SAGE Publications Ltd. Ownie, S. J.,

nowdb (9) t_. r_Helth. varchartlOO) latin 1_iw»dish_ci. No. None. • J? X ra m ra "Tl nowdb (9). r_Toch. V3fchar(100) latin l_swedish_ct. No. None. • y. X ra m IS T. X. I . r_Etth. varcharflOO) latin t_swedish_ci. No. None. Q. X ra m ra "ti. 0 (D

Rekonstruksi dan cabang-cabang Bahasa Melayu induk. Siri monograf sejarah bahasa Melayu, 59-77. Kuala Lumpur: Dewan Bahasa dan. Pustaka. ______ 1992. Proto-Malayic: A reconstruction of its phonology and part of its morphology and lexicon. (Revised ve

Biopestisida sebagai pengendali organisme (OPT) pengganggu tanaman yang ramah lingkungan. .... Pusat Penelitian dan Pengembangan Tanah dan Agroklimat (PPT). 2004. Sumber daya lahan Indonesia dan Pengelolaannya. Badan Penelitian dan. Pengembangan Pert

Tarigan, Djago. 1990. Pengajaran Analisis Kesalahan Berbahasa. Angkasa: Bandung ... not understand the explanation, she translated it into Bahasa Indonesia. For example when one of her students said “Miss ... Miss Putri : Karena saya tidak dapat bu

Program Studi Antropologi-Program Pascasarjana. University of Indonesia. Benda-Beckmann, F. ..... Council to the Swedish Government, April 2002. www.sou.gov.se/mvb/pdf/resil- iens.pdf. Foltz, C., R.S. Pomeroy and C. ..... Satu Kaijan Dengan Memanfaat

Adnan Parlak, Halit Yasar, Can Hasimoglu and Ahmet Kolip. “The effects of injection timing on NOx emissions of a low heat rejection indirect diesel injection engine”, Applied .... Hakan Yilmaz and Anna Stefanopoulou. “Control of Charge Dilution