The Dark Side of Politics: Kynicism, Cynicism and Political Behaviour

The Dark Side of Politics: Kynicism, Cynicism and Political Behaviour

The Dark Side of Politics: Kynicism, Cynicism and Political Behaviour Sanne A. M. Rijkhoff Leiden University [email protected] June 2008 Pape...

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Abstract. In the last thirty years uneasiness among scholars and political actors has been growing larger as more citizens demonstrate cynical attitudes. These citizens feel that politicians are immoral and incompetent, have less faith in democracy,

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Convenio Andrés Bello,Colciencias, 2005. Costa Pinto .... Mejía Acosta, Andrés. Informal Coalitions and Policymaking in Latin America: Ecuador in Comparative.

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Dec 15, 2008 - Abstract. This paper develops a framework for the design of optimal struc- tured products (equity- or index-linked notes) allowing us to analyze.

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