The Cubist Experimentation of Mário de Sá ... - Brown University

The Cubist Experimentation of Mário de Sá ... - Brown University

The  Cubist  Experimentation  of  Mário  de  Sá-­‐‑Carneiro   Ricardo Vasconcelos* Keywords     Cubism,  Futurism,  Avant-­‐‑Gardes,  Modernism,  Inte...

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Resumo. Dando continuidade ao livro The Presence of Pessoa (MONTEIRO, 1998), que relata como um número significativo de escritores anglófonos reagiu ao ... Taking his hint from Pessoa's fictive world surrounding Ricardo Reis, the ... to be his most

Jul 28, 2017 - “Territorial Conflict in the Digital Age: Mapping Technologies and Negotiation.” International ... Review of The Birth of Territory (by Stuart Elden).

as the 1920s, the neighboring district of Weissensee had a weekly horse market, such that. 65 Gröschner, Annett, Jeder hat ...... Uta and Wolfgang Jacobsen, eds. Film..Stadt...Kino...Berlin...Berlin, Argon, 1987. Includes many figures of early Berlin

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this genre.15 The recent work by István Czachesz provides a useful ...... The Eucharist is called sorcery or magic by Thomas' detractors, like King ..... bridegroom healed both men and women from the decay and mortality attached to ...... Golden Age

família colonial fornecia a idéia mais normal do poder, da respeitabilidade, da obediência e da coesão entre .... As Marli Fantini Scarpelli notes, “A necessidade de falar contra um sistema hegemônico, que oprime ..... subalternos, sobretudo d

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May 24, 2015 - Director of Graduate Study, Brown/Trinity Repertory. Acting and Directing programs, ... Co-Director, Program in Innovation Management .... Matthew McGarrell, Director. The Alma ..... Hannah Alyssa Benenson ...... Keith Hunter Butts. Ni

Mary Lou Bailey, Andrew Pierce, Devin Edwards, Aaron Simon, Gerald .... Christoph Poellmann, Jean-Michel Ménard, Michael Porer, Ursula Leierseder,.

2014 Vallejo y la escritura del devenir. Lima-Barcelona: Taurus. La palabra mutua .... 1994 Conquista y Contraconquista: La escritura del nuevo mundo: Actas del XXVIII. Congreso del Instituto de literatura ..... "La iridiscencia del ojo de la materia

Análisis del contexto histórico de su surgimiento, relación teoría ... Malinowski, Bronislaw: Los argonautas del pacífico Occidental, edit. Península .... José Ingenieros. (Argentina). : El Irracionalismo en la Sociología. José Vasconcelos.

Nov 14, 2015 - Resumo. As memórias dos anos que Hubert Jennings passou em Lisboa constituem uma novidade nos estudos ...... turned Pessoa into a character: José Saramago, in O Ano da Morte de Ricardo Reis, and Antonio ...... One might say that Jenn

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Estética. 48. Pensamiento. Filosófico. Contemporáneo. 80. Teoría e Historia de la. Filosofía Marxista. Leninista II. 64. Historia de las Ideas. Políticas. 48. Pensamiento. Latinoamericano .... El fascismo militar en América del Sur y el nuevo

Filipa de Freitas*. Keywords. Fernando Pessoa, Hubert Jennings, Jennings literary estate, Espólio 3, BNP/E3, Manuela. Nogueira literary estate, authorship issues in Pessoa. Abstract. Here we present a typed and unsigned document found among the pape

Mar 1, 2017 - Undergraduates at Brown make theatre, dance, and performance-based work all over campus. Plays have been written to be produced in ...

Cypress Hills Community School, Brooklyn, NY; and Cristina Sandza-Donovan, Barbieri School, Framingham, MA. For their ...... How do you know when to correct a child's error and when to let it go? How do ... in order for students to change their commu

Govea-Brown is published twice a year by Gavea-Brown Publications sponsored by the Center for Portuguese and Brazilian Studies, Brown. University. Manuscripts on Portuguese-American letters and/or studies are welcome, as well as original creative wri

from O Guardador de Rebanhos (The Keeper of Sheep) of Alberto Caeiro; ten loose poems and a cycle of five sonnets by Álvaro de Campos; and five odes of Ricardo Reis. Each translation contains three elements, respectively: the English recreation by M

Virginia: ASCD. Related Web Resources. Critical Behaviors and Strategies for Teaching (2). Expectations for Students (13) download: 11/03/2008 ... As they sit attentively on a comfortable rug in front of Ms. Honeyman's chair, students related things