Peter Sloterdijk Derrida, an Egyptian On the problem ... - Corner College

Peter Sloterdijk Derrida, an Egyptian On the problem ... - Corner College

THEORY TUESDAYS @ CORNER COLLEGE Sessions on 5 & 12 April 2011: Peter Sloterdijk Derrida, an Egyptian On the problem of the Jewish Pyramid Dear Guest...

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43rd Annual Conference of the Architectural Science Association, ANZAScA 2009, University of Tasmania. The atmospheric ecologies of Peter Sloterdijk: a new thinker for architecture? Hélène Frichot1. 1Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Austral

A Few Steps. Toward a Philosophy of Design. (with Special Attention to Peter. Sloterdijk). Keynote lecture for the Networks of Design* meeting of the Design History Society. Falmouth, Cornwall, 3rd September 2008. Bruno Latour, Sciences-Po. It came t

The Trilogy Spheres of Peter Sloterdijk. Bárbara Freitag Rouanet. I. Opening Words. Iwould like to express my gratitude to the organizers of this interesting. International Symposium, under the auspices of major entities such as the Brazilian Academ

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Polina Akhmetzyanova studied dance and performance at the College of North Karelia in Finland (2007-2008) and at p.a.r.t.s. in Brussels (2008-2012). ..... Kunstvermittlung", in: Zaremba, Jutta (Hg.): Hedo/Art/Education, München: kopaed, 2013, http:/

In June of 2016 the German philosopher Peter Sloterdijk (1947) and the French philosopher Bernard Stiegler (1952) engaged in a public debate in Nijmegen on the. Anthropocene. The Anthropocene is the term for a new geological epoch in which the human

Peter Sloterdijk, Critique of Cynical Reason. What is enlightenment? Mündigkeit-- own mouth, own voice; consent. Kant's Categorical Imperative from the Critique of Pure Reason. The Formula of the Law of Nature: "Act as if the maxim of your action we

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erman philosopher Peter Sloterdijk, though writing and publishing for three decades, has only slowly gained traction in the English-speaking world for a variety of reasons. However, his time may finally have arrived. Sloterdijk, whose more recent wor

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Keywords. Jacques Derrida, faith, religion, secular, theologico-political ..... political community.27 'Declarations of Independence' (henceforth cited as 'Declara-.

In Arte Contemporânea Brasileira: Um e/entre Outro/s, São Paulo: Fundação .... Devoured by the local culture, the African goddess, as Darcy Ribeiro puts it: “[. .... imitation of models. Again, Hélio Oiticica: [SUPERSCPT]4. O Povo Brasileiro.

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Persia. Race for priority between. Brugsch and. Birch. Brugsch's. Hieroglyphic. Demotic. Dictionary. History of Ancient Egypt under its native kings,' and in pub- ...... Mitologia. Egizia, pts. i-v. Turin, 1881 f. 8vo. Lanzone, R. V., Le Domicile des

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