Oppenheimer, Joshua Lincoln. Ph.D. Thesis - UAL Research Online

Oppenheimer, Joshua Lincoln. Ph.D. Thesis - UAL Research Online

Title Show of Force: film, ghosts and genres of historical performance in the Indonesian genocide Type Thesis URL http://ualresearchonline.arts.a...

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Mar 18, 2016 - Design Magazine, 30, 1–8. Available from: www.gsd.harvard.edu/images/content/5/5/553631/30.Sloterdijk.pdf. 2. Karen Barad, (2003) Posthumanist Performativity: Toward and Understanding of How Matter. Comes to Matter, Signs: Journal of

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BOCKMUEHL, Markus, 2001, The Cambridge Companion to Jesus, Cambridge University. Press, 335 p. BODA, Mark J. .... CROSSAN, John Dominic, 2007, God and Empire : Jesus against Rome, Then and Now,. HarperCollins e-books ..... l'école historico-critique”

Doctora que presenta Patricia Bernárdez Rodríguez ha sido realizada bajo nuestra dirección tanto en la Universidad de Vigo como en el Grupo de. Biogeoquímica del IIM (CSIC). Considerando que representa trabajo de Tesis, autorizan su presentación

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Abstract of PhD Thesis. Written by. Márta Lóczi Sebőkné. Supervisor: Dr János Gombocz. Professor .... Csere JánosTeacher Training Faculty, Győr. 200. 180. 20. 21. University of Pécs, Illyés Gyula College-. Faculty ... Vitéz János Teacher Training Col

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