ISLAM AND LOCAL POLITICS: In the Quest of Kyai, Politics, and ...

ISLAM AND LOCAL POLITICS: In the Quest of Kyai, Politics, and ...

ISLAM AND LOCAL POLITICS: In the Quest of Kyai, Politics, and Development in Kebumen, 2008-20101 Laila Kholid Alfirdaus Diponegoro University, Semaran...

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Rumah Ibadat, art. 14; Peraturan Gubernur Nanggroe Darussalam Aceh nomor. 25 tahun 2007 tentang Pedoman Pendirian Rumah Ibadah, art. 3). The Jakarta Post, 29 December 2012, 3 February 2013; Human Rights Watch, 'In. Religion's Name: Abuses against Rel

Jan 3, 1970 - However, at this point in time, such participation seems unlikely. .... in the sharing of power and to dismantle all kinds of dominating power, or ...... cacao but only on a limited small scale. For the forthcoming Community Development

Tujuan penerbitan jurnal ini adalah untuk meningkatkan kemampuan analisa terhadap fenomena yang berkaitan dengan hubungan internasional dan studi ... barat melalui pencitraan bangsa Barat terhadap bangsa Timur di era kolonial yang dilanggengkan hingg

elections and local head elections combined with literature research that involves the books of hadith and qawaid fiqhiyah. RESULTS AND DISCUSSION. Perceptions ...... Kaidah-Kaidah Fikih. Kencana Publisher,. Jakarta, Indonesia. Hakis, 2016. Figure NU

comparing this against 'secular' laws that regulate sexual marginals, this study shows ... Joint Action Group for Gender Equality. JAIM. Jabatan Agama Islam .... incident, is a relatively recent development in the country's history. Before the mid‐

Cicely Berry. VOICE AND THE ACTOR *. 37. 6. Eugenio Barba. THEATRE ANTHROPOLOGY *. 41. PART TWO. Critical theories and performance. 47. 7 ...... Muscular exercises. The actors relax all the muscles in their bodies and focus their attention on each in

... out for death,” said Queen, 48, who lives in San Diego. “I've cried out for my mom who's been dead for 20 years, mentally not realizing she can't come to me.” Queen lost a modeling job after being mistaken for an alcoholic. She racked up te

increased importance as forests declined from 65% of Guatemala's terri- tory in 1950 to 34% in 1996 .... the world (Sistema de Naciones Unidas en Guatemala, 1999). Approxi- mately one half of the ..... Politicas de descentralización y capacidades de

The FFM traits Openness to Experience, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, .... 2001; Roberts, Bogg, Walton, Chernyshenko, & Stark, 2004; Roberts, Chernyshenko, Stark, & ...... All items were scored on a 4-point Likert-scale ranging from.

The relationship between ulama, 'men of Islamic learning,' and umara, 'holders of political power,' has always been ambivalent. On the one hand, ulama at least in the Sunni tradition have always provided religious legitimation for the de facto power

utilised in any form or by any electronic, mechanical, or other means, now known or hereafter invented, including ...... To the ruling palace of al-Yamama in. Riyadh, and most of the sheikhdoms party to the ...... which Jung explains the sustenance o

2013) as well as the consistent opposition of the nationalist party Milliyetçi ...... ://

now, getting to know the Arabic terminology has necessitated a long period of ... Election Terminology may have left only few stones unturned. Even the most ... ST is spoken or written. Target Language (TL) The language into which the ST is to be tra

religious minorities in this era, see Mark Meyerson, The Muslims of Valencia in the age of Fernando and Isabel: between ...... “q[ue] cada un vezino del d[ic]ho barrio de Santa María faga e otorgue contrato de ...... subsections, the AHN records f

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females, including the princess of Perlak. She was married to an Arabic preacher and had a son, named Sayid Abdul Aziz, who in 840 became the first sultan of the. 87. Fatimi, Islam Comes to Malaysia, 87. 88. Ibid., 94. 89. Hasjmy et al., "50 Tahun Ac

Aug 1, 1989 - The massacre of about 28 Muslim military trainees. (called 'Jabidah .... state's power since the Jabidah massacre of 1968 correspond to the three main ethnic groups among more than ..... PDF> (Accessed. 2 November 2006).

Citizenship in the Republic of India: The Road to the Nation .... work, in the analysis of the central concepts of citizenship, censorship and the media, all ...... consultation with the Labour Department of the Government of Bengal. ...... 283 BC),

Aug 28, 2015 - MIA - Manifestacion de Impacto Ambiental (Environmental Impact ... SEDEMA - Secretaria de Desarrollo y Medio Ambiente (Secretariat of ...

Downloaded from http:/ ... the return of cultural objects claimed by states is based on desktop and case study ..... In many cases in the recent past, Turkey has also denied loans to foreign museums ..... For the issue of sover