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download index page - Global Scholastic Research Journal

Global Scholastic Research Journal of Multidisciplinary Year 2017, Volume-3, Issue- 1 (December 2016 – February 2017) INDEX PAGE SNO ARTICLE TITLE P...

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Jul 7, 2017 - Fiorenzo Omenetto (Tufts University), Dr. Radislav Potyrailo (GE Global Research), Dr. Betsy Jean Yakes (US Food and Drug Administration), and Dr. Leonardo .... Development of the ecomagination®-certified engine was part of a $600 mill

Theories of Mechanics', Handbuch der Physic, Vol. III/3, Springer Verlag, Berlin, 1965. 40. Liebowitz H. ... 46. Fichera G., 'Boundary Value Problems of Elasticity with Unilateral Constraints', Handbuch der Physik,. Vol. ...... ftp://ftp.uniduisburg.

use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Civil And Structural Engineering ..... coals with fuel ratio in the range of 1.0 - 2.5 due to their combustion characteristics of ...... Society (OARS),

futurePRNT V7.1 Lite (119MB) Includes Windows Driver, Configuration Utility, OPOS and JavaPOS but No Hardware Manuals Windows 10(32/64-bit), Windows 8.1(32/64-bit), Windows 8(32/64-bit), Windows 7(32/64-bit) For Swedish Customers; Do not use this sof

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May 22, 2016 - This study aims to analyze and explain 1) Relationship of auditors competences, auditor independence, audit experience, organizational culture, and leadership. 2) the auditors competences, auditor independence, audit experiences, organ

Tomato and strawberry is a one of fruit that have rich of benefits, content of that fruitprovides many benefits for the body because have many vitamin C , folic acid and Fethat very important to prevent anemia. The purpose of this research was to com

This study aims to determine the role and constraints of the Prosecutor in the prosecution of the crime of defamation of religion is connected with the purpose of punishment. This study uses normative research and socio- juridical. The results showed

Before reform, performance of employees in License Services. Agency/Office in Indonesia is still felt sluggish, convoluted and there is no certainty of cost and how long service duration can be completed. Post- reform people require employee performa

The Examination process is an important activity for educational institutions. Question paper preparation, which covers the syllabus, problems, and pattern of the exams is the toughest job. QB365 is one of the leading online automated question paper

One of the new tax regulation is Act No. 36 of. 2008 regarding income tax. This regulation described that the income derived from real estate business is final taxable income. The implication of this ..... Undang-undang Nomor 7 Tahun 1983 tentang Paj

Since 2012, the Secretariat General of the House of Regional Representatives of Indonesia (DPR RI) as a major supporter of parliamentary work in the national legislation has carried out bureaucratic reform in its body. This study applies a quantitati

The aim of this study is to describe the potential sector of creative economy in Sumberopasir village of Malang, Indonesia. The results of this study showed that the industrial centers of embroidery Sumberpasir. Village suffered a setback in the cont

Keterampilan Berbahasa dan Apresiasi Sastra [Language Skills and Literary. Appreciation]. Malang: YA3. 2. Aminuddin. 1990. Sekitar Masalah Sastra: Beberapa Prinsip dan Model Pengembangannya [Literary Problems: Some Principles and Models to Develop].

Isolation of bacteria for antibacterial activity was conducted on sponge- associated marine bacteria, Haliclona sp.2 and Axinellid sp.from Ngge. Island, Sibolga. Seventeen isolates were obtained from the two sponges. Based on antibacterial test, 11 i

This study aims to determine effectiveness of tannins extracted from guava leaf (Psidium guajava L) on the growth and damage cell morphology of. Escherichia coli. The method used for qualitative analysis with the tannins are formed by the intensity o

This study examines the effect of the performance of the guidance and counseling teacherss from guidance and counseling graduate who assigned in state high schools in South Sulawesi. Furthermore, the influence of work motivation and job satisfaction

Perlindungan Saksi dan Korban dalam Sistem Peradilan Pidana. ..... Nation Declaration of Basic Principles of Justice for Victims of Crime and Abuse of Power 29 November. 1985. Available online at: .... Masalah

(NB). AgNPs were dried overnight at 600C to make the stock in sterile DIW from which a two-fold serial dilutions were made in NB. Overnight grown culture of approximately 106 cfu/ml E. coli and S. aureus were inoculated in the tubes containing NB alo